During the time of raising children alone after divorce, I realized how hard it was to help my own mother as well as raise my children and work all at the same time. I now know that there are millions of women out there trying to do the exact same thing but at the time I felt very alone.

After the death of my mother, I decided that someone must organize a non-medical service for women. I started A Woman's Resource about 10 year's ago as a organization that provided volunteer services to women of all ages. Helping women with in-home non-medical care and helping them find the resources they needed was our priority. We served women through word-of-mouth "advertising" but soon realized that we were unable to reach all the women who needed services. Eventually, I got even more organized and formed two organizations; A Woman's Resource and Women Working For Women. Both organizations provide the same services but A Woman's Resource is a non-profit organization that functions on donations and thanks to your donations can offer services on a sliding scale. Your donations also helped to expand our services to include Veteran programs and employment opportunities for women who need flexibility in their work schedules. Donations are tax deductible, which helps you, our donor. 

It is my goal to offer our Personal Assistant service to every woman across the United States. This is for all the single Moms, the single women living alone, the empty nesters that are looking for employment, the women who are just starting their life or just winding down. It's for every woman that is looking for a good contractor or trust worthy mechanic (because we keep the names of resources that are tried and true). We are here for every female Veteran that landed in a state where their family and friends are not, for every female Veteran that needs a flexible career option to help ease them back into the civilian workforce and for every female Veteran that is feeling isolated, depressed or alone. We want you to know that you are our heart and our reason for providing this service. It is my passion to make sure that no woman ever HAS to be alone. There will always be our Personal Assistant Service there for you.

Just as the women before us fought for our rights, we must fight to secure a safe and happy life for women of our generation as well as future generations. We want to ensure that our daughters and granddaughters do not fear for their future. We want them to have the option of living safely in their own homes for as long as they care to with the help of other trustworthy women. We need to ensure that travel, entertainment, nurturing and friendship is not out of the question for any woman no matter where they live or who they are. We must come together and support each other, building camaraderie among women.

With these thoughts, I created this organization for you, the women of America. I hope that each of you have the opportunity to have this service in your community. Thank you all for your support.

Sue E. Falco

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