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Veteran Housing

​A Woman's Resource is working on a program to promote safe housing for female Veterans who suffer from MST and PTSD. We believe female Veterans should have the option of having their own homes that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

We have the opportunity to receive funding from "Kind Causes" for our programs, BUT EVERYONE MUST VOTE! Please click on the link below or copy and paste it into your browser, and take a few moment to vote on Facebook as well as Twitter. We need 50 votes! Please help us to reach our goal! Pass it on to your friends. Lets see how many you can get to vote to support our services. Thank you!


Personal Assistant Service

Stopping the Isolation & Depression

​It is our goal to provide A Woman's Resource Personal Assistant Service to all female Veterans upon discharge. We hope to stop the isolation, depression and anxiety that many female Veterans feel after being discharged from the Military. Our goal is to offer "Urgency" care before it gets to be an Emergency. One phone call can make all the difference. A Personal Assistant will be that person you can confide in, without being judged, without worrying about being misunderstood and with total confidentiality. A Woman's Resource Personal Assistant Service provides in-home, non-medical care to nurture your spirit, to help organize your home as well as your thoughts and to provide helping hands where there were none before. 

Your donations to our Veterans programs are vital in offering our programs state-wide. Every female Veteran deserves in-home, non-medical care because their wounds are not always visible.

Veteran to Veteran Personal Assistant Service

Our Veteran to Veteran Personal Assistant Service promotes female Veterans helping other female Veterans with in-home, non-medical care. Re-building the camaraderie that female Veterans share.

Veteran Out Reach

If your agency/organization serves Veterans, we would like to hear from you. Do you have Veterans that have hobbies they would like to share? Knitting? Woodworkers? We are interested in having them donate their talents and we will work on providing the materals for them to do so. The items they produce will be donated to hospitals, senior centers or our Women Who Work program. Please contact us with a list of supply needs. There is no time-frame to finish an item, Veterans work at their pace creating their craft and donating it to others. Thank you.


A Woman's Resource





A Woman's Resource Clothing Boutique

A Woman's Resource is promoting a clothing Boutique that will provide free clothing to female Veterans much like the one we presented to the VA Medical Center which is now up and running. If your organization is interested in having this program available, please contact A Woman's Resource.



Bringing A Woman's Resource to your County no matter what U.S. State you are in.

Should your county be interested in bringing A Woman's Resource Personal Assistant Service to your female Veterans. Please call us at 315.559.2942

Our goal is to be able to offer Personal Assistant Service to every female Veteran across the country. Please help us. Contact us and put us on your list of "Vendors" for state and county Veterans programs so that we may be represented in your state and bring this very valuable service to your Veterans. Thank you!

We welcome women Veterans and all who support them.

We thank you for your service to America, keeping us safe and free. Every branch of our Military, every person who risked their life, we thank and will be forever grateful to you.

Get information here about our upcoming programs and to stay informed on how you can help. Your financial contributions are vital to keeping our programs going. Your donations of items to help make homes for women, including female Veterans is also a very important part of our services. 

Women Veterans: Please contact A Woman's Resource for information on receiving services and/or to join our organization and build camaraderie among women.