Personal Assistant Service

Guardians of Angels Mill Dog Rescue

This program is designed for the working single Mom. So many children are raised in single parent homes that we would like to reach out to these families and help them where we can. We have partnered with local businesses and often receive community donations from generous donors. We receive donations of furniture, clothing and decorations and then we work with the single Mom to decorate their home and design a comforting place for her and her children. With permission of some of the Moms, we will post some pics of the empty rooms we have filled.

Mom's Who Work

We enjoy having the support of Veterans. Veterans who have a hobbie they would like to share can contact us at 315.751.0359 to participate in this program. We are always looking for Veterans who make their craft whether it is knitting blankets, hats, scarfs or wood working whistles and jewelry boxes, we would love to have you join us. If you call us, we will try to supply the materials for you to make your craft, at your own pace, then donate it to A Woman's Resource to be given to other Veterans or children or other people in need of cheering up! Everyone loves a good craft. Making Jewelry? Growing Plants? Please consider participating in this program so everyone can benefit from your craft. 

This is a tried and true program that centers around female Veterans. We are hoping that the second Boutique will be able to serve even more female Veterans. This Boutique is truly a place to go and relax. Sit, have a cup of tea or browse through the career clothing or casual wear. Need a special outfit or a few infant supplies? We plan on having a variety of item's available for your to choose from. If your organization is looking for a special program for female Veterans, give us a call. We know you will be pleased with the outcome.

Veteran to Veteran

Molly's Wish is a Mill Dog Rescue. This group of dedicated volunteers work hard to rescue dogs from the life of a dog mill. These dog mills are just horrible! We started this program for Veterans who just wanted a pet. These dogs are needing love and care and just love you unconditionally! There is a fee for the dogs to cover their doctor bills, transportation and often Molly's Wish must actually purchase the pups to save them. If you are a Veteran and would like to meet a wonderful dog to call your own, please contact us at 315.315.559.2942

Mollys Wish would welcome anyone who wishes to volunteer or wishes to donate. You can contact Mollys Wish directly at or call 315.885.1082 

Thank you for your kindness and generousity.


Our Veteran to Veteran program matches female Veterans who are Personal Assistants with female Veterans that need Personal Assisant Service. Rebuilding camaraderie they once shared.

As we work together with businesses, organizations and individuals, we can bring programs to your community that will help so many woman. Please take a moment and read through some of our most popular programs. Should you find something that you feel you could contribute to or you would like to bring to your county, please take a moment and call us or click on "Contact Us" and write us a note. Thank you!

A Woman's Resource Personal Assistant Service is our most popular program. It matches you with a Personal Assistant that provide in-home, non-medical care wherever you are living, whether it is your own home or a facility or even if you are staying in a hospital. The services are extensive but we can do as much or as little as you need done. Cooking, Cleaning, Shopping, Driving, Travel or something like skill building or inspirational coaching.

Veteran's Hobbies at Work

A Woman's Resource Clothing Boutique