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The recent "me too" movement underscores the fact that women have an eqqual say and that our opinions count. All women have a voice that needs to be heard; no, must be heard. As women, we are speaking up and speaking out, no longer fearful to voice our opinion or position and no longer afraid to defend that posiiton. Women have become more and more knowledgeable of and involved in social and political issues and current affairs and we are an integral part of today's society.

With a woman's voice comes self-esteem and self-worth; the confidence to feel what you are feeling, think what you are thinking and to voice it. Now that others are listening, we also need to use it to our benefit. However, we all know that a woman can be her own worst critic and this can really damage ones self-confidence. When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you say to yourself? Is it positive and encouraging? Start every day by being positive towards yourself, like "I'm beautiful and I'm going to make good choices today" Use your voice to encourage yourself and build yourself up. There is enough negativitiy in the world we face every day than to have to fight with our own selves as well.

The little voice that is continually speaking to us from inside our heads is our voice just the same as the voice we use to express our opinion at work, with friends, at social gatherings. So, when you listen to it, remember that you have the power over it. If you dont like what it is saying, then stop and tell it differently. Talk to yourself the way you would want others to talk to you; build each other up. Let's work together, women "empowering women to live fearless lives and help pave the way for future generations to do the same"

contribution from Lisa B